Admission Criteria

Shanghai Concord is an academic school. Our students are expected to demonstrate good academic potential. Strong English skills are required of those joining us for IGCSE and A level but are not so significant for our younger students. Instead we are looking for bright, lively and well motivated students. 

We are recruiting students from Shanghai, other provinces and also foreign passport holders who aim to pursue further studies at an overseas university.

  1. Students holding a Shanghai Residence Permit should take the Shanghai Zhongkao and should pass the Concord Entrance Assessment in Maths, English and Non- verbal reasoning. 
  2. In addition, students from other provinces must take part in their local high school entrance examination (zhongkao), and provide official transcripts. 
  3. Foreign passport holders wishing to attend SCBS should obtain permission from the Education Bureau of the district where they are residing. They should also provide the relevant identification documents. 

Recruitment of students under nine-year compulsory education system complies with the local rules and regulations stipulated by the Municipal Education Commission. All recruitment activities are carried out through Shanghai Compulsory Education Recruitment Platform.