Admission Criteria

Shanghai Concord Bilingual School (hereafter referred to as ‘Shanghai Concord’) is the first bilingual private school in the Huangpu District. Recruiting students from Grades 1 to 12, the school is fully supported by the Party Committee and the Government of Huangpu District and is guided by the Huangpu District Education Bureau.

In order to achieve the high academic standard that we aspire to, we will be working in cooperation with the UK’s premier private school, Concord College UK.

Shanghai Concord has a management team led by the former Principal of the High School affiliated to Fudan University, Mr Yingping XIE, who has a leading reputation and considerable influence in the field of education in the region. Meanwhile, Mrs Rachel Borland serves as the school's Executive Principal. Using her experience learnt in the many schools she has led, Mrs Borland is well positioned to lead SCBS in the direction of high achievement and with eyes on the very top universities worldwide. In addition, our new school has received full support from Concord College UK in appointing the academic management team and excellent expatriate teachers. With the local academic leaders and young teachers with great potential, the first class staff team has committed to building an international environment in the school and this new community is working within an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.

The school will fully deliver the Chinese National Curriculum based on standards set by the Shanghai Education Commission. We offer no overseas curriculum. No overseas textbooks are used throughout our lesson delivery. We have established a school that has bilingual courses, Chinese and English enrichment courses with their own characteristics. Such an approach has offered students not only academic development but also the development of independent learning style and career planning. We believe that this is the best way to foster students who not only have regional, cultural and national identity with an international perspective but also have physical and mental health, curiosity and creativity. It is our goal to imbue our students with this ethos so that they will become the backbone of our future society.

Shanghai Concord Middle School is located at No.53 Ru Nan Street meanwhile Primary School is located at No.385 South Rui Jin Road in Huangpu District. Although currently housed on a temporary campus, it has the quality of a bilingual school. The school offers buses services. Accommodation is available to students in need.

The school’s recruitment plan and procedure

1. The recruitment process will be carried out according to “Student Recruitment in Compulsory Education in 2020 by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission” and “Huang Pu District 2020 Middle School Student Enrollment Policy”.

2. Enrolment Categories and Numbers: In 2020 we will recruit four Grade 6 classes, in total 100 new students, 25 students per class; and four Grade 1 classes, in total 120 new pupils, 30 students per class.

3. Recruitment Scope: primary school graduates and Kindergarten graduation year students whose information has been registered with the “Shanghai Compulsory Education Enrollment System”.

4. Please apply online through the Shanghai Compulsory Education Enrolment System (shrxbm.edu.sh.gov.cn) between May 6th and May 8th. You can select Shanghai Concord Bilingual School as the only choice, or add another option as your secondary adjustment choice. 

5. Admission Based on Categories
1) First Choice Confirmation
* The first round of enrolment takes place between May 18th and May 19th. If the number of applications exceeds the number of places available in a private school, then students will be selected randomly through computer draw. 
* Between May 20th and May 21st, the first round of offers will be sent out via text messages and parents must respond to the offer by text or through the Compulsory Education Enrollment System portal.
2) Second Choice Confirmation (not mandatory, doesn’t apply to everyone)
* The second round of enrolment takes place between May 23rd and May 24th.

In accordance with regulations of the Municipal Education Commission, the recruitment will be completed on May 27th, 2020.

Tuition fees and standards

  • Approved by the Huangpu District Commodity Price Bureau, the tuition fee for SCBS Primary per student per term will be 80000RMB, 160000RMB for the whole academic year of 2020-2021.
  • Approved by the Huangpu District Commodity Price Bureau, the tuition fee for SCBS Middle School per student per term will be 80000RMB, 160000RMB for the whole academic year of 2020/21.
  • Approved by the Huangpu Distrtict Price Bureau, the tuition fee for each high school student each term will be 90000RMB, 180000RMB for the whole academic year of 2020-2021.

At present our school can provide accommodation for students who really need it. Approved by the Huangpu District Commodity Price Bureau, the accommodation fee will be 28950RMB per term, 57900RMB per academic year. The final expenditure will be subject to the actual costs incurred.

Additional fees will be charged for transportation, uniform and lunch upon approval from the Huangpu District Commodity Price Bureau.

Enrolment commitment and information disclosure

  1. The following “three promises” will be strictly enforced: No advance registrations or interviews,no acceptance of special CVs and certificates from appropriately aged students, no association with any education training organizations.We offer no overseas curriculum. No overseas textbooks are used throughout our lesson delivery.
  2. No charge (including registration fees, interview fees and sponsorship fees) will incur during the application process. Please report any suspicious cases of charging under the name of student recruitment to the Municipal and District Administrative Department for Education and Discipline Inspection Departments.
  3. Information regarding student recruitment and the admissions process and other related information will be disclosed under the “school recruitment” column on our official website: http://www.concordschool.com.cn

School official wechat account: Shanghai Concord Bilingual School