Board of Directors

Shanghai Concord is fortunate to have the support and advice of a very experienced Board of Directors, whose role is to ensure that the education provided is of the highest standard and in line with Shanghai Concord’s stated ethos and aims. The Board shall conduct financial oversight and provide expertise and guidance that might not be available to its Principals. In addition, the Board takes responsibility for the future direction of the school and holds regular meetings to deliberate on plans and goals.


Concord College UK is my Alma Mater. In 1998, as one of the first groups of students studying in an overseas high school, I arrived in the UK with great expectation and uncertainty at the same time. I still vividly recall my first impression of Concord College. After a 20-minute drive on the country road, a hilltop appeared on the horizon of a seemingly endless cornfield. It was a hill covered by a large piece of beautiful yellow rapeseed flowers. Then, I saw a large lawn on which stood a magnificent building with a typical Greek style. “Is that Concord College?” I asked the driver. “Yes, almost there!” he answered. My life at Concord started with the amazing first impression.

There, I was interviewed by then-Principal Mr. Morris. I felt flattered when he told me that I was the first mainland Chinese student coming for an interview. During the interview, I told him I wanted to study Business Management in the UK’s best university. He nodded and said that first of all, you needed to choose your A-Level subjects. I was very excited at that time, because it was the first time that I realised I could choose my favorite subjects. Mr. Morris continued, “When you apply for a university, the test results are not enough. Also, you will be interviewed, and the interview offers a two-way selection between you and the university. Additionally, you need to choose the major based on your interest. “ For the first time in my life, I had the feeling that my future was in my own hands. I could study for my dreams instead of merely for a university application. I could determine the direction of my own life.

The school left me with a very good memory. It provided us with various opportunities to try new things. The most amazing thing is that the then principal could remember each student's name. All of the teachers there wanted to be your friends instead of your superiors.

At Concord, we mixed with students coming from over forty different countries, and some of them were the sons or daughters of those who had previously studied there. It is this kind of inheritance of humanistic spirit that makes the school so charming. I am very grateful to have studied at a school as warm as a family and very willing to share my own experience. In the past decade, more than a hundred students I recommended to Concord have entered their ideal universities and found the career paths which suit them best. Around the end of a year, I receive the good news of early admission to top universities from my students and feel happy for them. I cannot help but feel that education of this type can indeed change people’s lives, and this provided the incentive for me to cooperate with Concord College to set up a bilingual school in Shanghai which shares the same values as Concord College and incorporates Chinese traditions as well.

When I was nearly 40 years old, I had the opportunity to start a bilingual school from Grade 1 to Grade 12! Fortunately, this school was born in Huangpu-Shanghai’s central district, which is adjacent to the Bund and Xintiandi. Huangpu is the source of Shanghai’s regional culture. In memory of my Alma Mater, I named this school Shanghai Concord Bilingual School (SCBS). The school is designed to educate students in line with our motto: "To strive for excellence in all that we do and in all that we are.” The two schools are now sister schools, and Concord College is committed to assisting SCBS in achieving top academic standards. The mission of Shanghai Concord is to cultivate students who understand Chinese culture and meanwhile have a global perspective so that they can contribute more to the development of our nation.

The establishment of Shanghai Concord Bilingual School lasted more than three years. During the period, Huangpu’s leaders, friends, faculty and staff paid a lot of hard work and efforts. I’d like to extend my sincere gratitude to the Party Committee, the Government of Huangpu District, the Huangpu District Education Bureau, Concord College, faculty and staff, my family and all the persons who supported the school’s establishment for their trust. I believe that Shanghai Concord is sure to cultivate more students excelling in all that they do and in all that they are.

Mr. Francis Ping Fan  

Mr. Francis Ping, Fan

Chairman & CEO

Shanghai Lang Sheng Investment Co. Ltd

  • Dr. Iain Bride

    Chairman of Concord College UK

  • Mr. Neil Hawkins Principal of Concord College UK
  • Mr. Yingping Xie Honorary Principal Chairman of Welfare Committee
  • Mr. Yu, Weifeng (David)

    President of the Shanghai Bar Association

    Chairman of Compliance Health Safety Committee

  • Mr. Li, Dan (Daniel)

    Senior Partner of Price Waterhouse Coopers Zhong Tian LLP

    Chairman of the Financial Committee

  • Mr. Bao, Yi Founder & Chairman of Cedarlake Capital
  • Mr. Yuan, Wenda (David) Founding Managing Partner of Redpoint Ventures China
  • Mrs. Wang, Bo Financial Director of Shanghai Lang Sheng Investment Co. Ltd