Middle school curriculum mainly consists of three parts: national compulsory education curriculum, school-based English courses, and enrichment programmes.

National Compulsory Education Curriculum 

Our Middle School students take all the courses of compulsory education stipulated by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. State-compiled textbooks are used for these courses, which are delivered by our Chinese teachers according to the curriculum standard. We ensure a full and good offering of national courses to help students smoothly complete the nine-year compulsory education and participate in Zhongkao. 

School-based English Courses 

School-based courses are delivered entirely in English, especially for the subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, and Art, which is designed to cultivate students' English skills and thinking ability, so as to ensure that those who decide to take the international curriculum have sufficient confidence to take the challenge in the High School. 

We also offer English Speaking Board, a first language, externally assessed speaking exam. Here, the students are introduced to a range of poetry and literature and learn the skills needed to present in front of an audience. ESB is currently taught to students in Grade 7 and 11. Though as the school grows, it will be offered to other year groups.

Grade 9 Courses

Most of our Middle School students will continue their studies in our High School or other international schools, and take IGCSE and A-Level exams for higher education in the UK or other countries, and it is a must for them to pass Zhongkao. It is worth noting that Zhongkao is crucial for those who plan to return to the traditional education system, so before the end of G8, parents, students and teachers will have an in-depth communication, whose result may determine the future direction of our students. Based on the result, we will offer courses to the students in G9 which not only benefit their individual growth, but also are in line with the national curriculum plan.

Subject-based Teaching
Taking into full account the characteristics and needs of students, as well as the differences between Chinese and English course teaching, we boldly adopt subject-based teaching for all subjects, with small class and individualised teaching, which is conducive to the cultivation of students' self-management and independent learning ability. 

The Chinese curriculum tutor group provides mobile teaching according to the curriculum standards. For the English courses, subject-based teaching is based on the English levels of students. The English curriculum is effectively connected with the Chinese courses with the same knowledge content, but different teaching perspectives and ways of thinking, which is conducive to the overall improvement of students' learning.

Teachers of all the subjects have their own teaching classrooms, which not only provide convenience for teaching, but also make it easy in accumulating subject resources, displaying learning results and making assessment.
Prep Time

From 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM every Monday to Friday, our students are required to study in a supervised environment. During this period, students can review the content learned on that day, finish various assignments or prepare for the content they will learn. We have regulations for prep time, and subject teachers are responsible for the supervision.

If students are willing to stay at school after the stipulated prep time, they can choose to have one more hour of prep time at the school library.

We have clear standards on the amount of assignments. For routine assignments, the time for each subject should be less than 20 minutes per day. Exploratory or research assignments may be submitted within 1-3 days, so as to ensure the quality of such assignments finished by students. 
Weekly Quiz
There are quizzes for Chinese and English courses once a week, and our students have an exam for one subject every two or three weeks for 30-40 minutes. After a weekly exam, teachers will analyse the students' studies and provide necessary support and guidance during the school days to ensure each student's academic progress.
Term Exam
We only organise a unified exam at the end of each semester, covering all the subjects so as to examine the studies of students in various subjects and promote their holistic development.
Academic Report
We have a well-established academic quality monitoring system. Through an internal data management platform, we regularly provide academic reports for parents, including the “First Impression Report” of new students and the evaluation report of students' academic performance at the end of each semester. The complete final report includes a comprehensive assessment from each subject teacher and House tutor, the previous scores for each subject, and the scores and grades of the final exam. 
Parent Teacher Meeting
We organise two one-on-one parent teacher meetings every semester. Teachers give feedbacks on each student's behaviour at school and academic performance to the student and his/her parents.