We strictly follow the curriculum plan of the Municipal Education Commission and make full use of our advantages as a bilingual school to achieve the integration of two languages and two cultures. Our courses are divided into the Chinese national curriculum, the international programme based on Chinese curriculum, and bilingual thematic project-based learning.

The Chinese national curriculum is made up of the basic courses specified in the curriculum plan developed by the Municipal Commission of Education. It is taught in Chinese by our Chinese teachers using state approved textbooks.

Our international programme based on Chinese curriculum is taught through the medium of English by our expatriate teachers. It is divided into three learning areasLiteracy, Discovery and S.T.E.A.M.

Our bilingual thematic project-based learning combines the advantages and resources of both Chinese and UK education. As per government requirements, we adopt a thematic, project-based approached to learning in a student centred environment.

Our small class sizes enable us to cater to various learning styles. We use hands-on, practical activities to enhance the understanding of learning in the classroom.

To support the academic and pastoral needs of our students, each class has two class teachers. Each Grade 1 class has a teaching assistant, who assists the teacher in caring for the students.