We strive for academic excellence and also give students the opportunities to become international students who will thrive at University and beyond.  A professional experience week is scheduled in the summer at the end of grade 10 to give students an insight into life in the real world! A team-building trip also takes place in the summer of the G10 year. In G11 the students will be required to attend an educational course or further professional experience (during June or the summer holiday) dependent on their particular interests of University course or career. High School students are actively involved in various social volunteer activities which fully reflects the school’s concept of “whole person education”.

Every year, Shanghai Concord invites entrance examination advisors from Concord UK or who are familiar with British and American advanced educational systems to communicate with our students and parents, helping them know about various educational opportunities. The advisors guide students to search and select universities, give their suggestions best matching the latter’s interests and capabilities and assist students in completing application for universities.