Enrichment PROGRAMME
We also offer enrichment programmes aimed at 'the whole-person education', including a variety of sports activities, lunchtime activities, Saturday enrichment programme and after-school talent courses.

Our Saturday enrichment courses are divided into three blocks-second language, self confidence building and S.T.E.A.M. Each of our students can choose one course from each block, which is designed to develop our students holistically and individually.

Additionally, we have also launched a variety of lunchtime activities and after-school talent courses. The former, well designed by our teachers, is classified into four categoriesknowledge & expansion, science & technology, entertainment, and handicraft. As for the after-school talent courses, in addition to choir rehearsals, we have Chamber Music course offered by the Shanghai International Youth Orchestra, and English Musical Theatre course offered by Sunrise Art Group. These weekly courses are designed to further enrich students’ after-school lives.

The physical activity curriculum is also the highlight of our enrichment programmes, including shooting, fencing, tennis, golf, basketball and football. Also, our students take part in various activities and contests, which enables them to face competition and challenges with full of vigour and vitality.