1. What’s the class size?

The number of students is limited to:
Primary School: 25
Middle School: 25
High School: 15

2. Where do our students come from?

According to the stipulations of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, we enroll Chinese students with proofs of student status and children of qualified foreign workers in Shanghai. Shanghai Concord is a bilingual school, so all of our students should be proficient in both Chinese and English. However, for foreign students, if they directly enter our High School, Chinese is not necessary to access the curriculum.

3. How much homework will my child have?

The amount of homework varies from year group to year group and will increase as the students progress through the school. Students taking IGCSE and A-level curriculum should study independently each evening.  

4. Where are the destinations of our students after graduation?

At the end of Grade 8, we will discuss with the students’ parents about the path the students wish to follow. Under the premise of complying with the national compulsory education and fulfilling the requirements of the national curriculum programme, we provide personalized courses for students according to their different development needs. Students enrolled in our High School will go to overseas universities for further studies, mainly in the UK and the US, but they can also choose universities in Australia, New Zealand or Canada if they meet the requirements.

5. Does Shanghai Concord monitor air quality?

Of course. We have a state-of-the-art indoor air filtration system, which monitors the Air Quality Index throughout the day. If the air is deemed unhealthy, outdoor activities are modified (no strenuous activities) or, in some instances, even cancelled.

6. Do our students get priority if they wish to transfer to Concord College UK?

All students wishing to transfer to Concord College UK would need to pass the entrance examinations (maths and English), but a good school reference from Shanghai Concord will clearly assist in the selection process. 

7. How does Shanghai Concord select teachers?

Before recruitment, we will conduct a full background check and qualification review. All teachers are strictly selected, with excellent teaching experience and academic background.

8. Where do our teachers come from?

- Our teachers have good educational background and rich teaching experience. A bachelor's degree is only a stepping stone. Most of them have a Master's degree or above. All Chinese teachers are required to hold a teaching certificate.
- We recruit expatriate teachers both at home and in the UK via the Internet (for the latter), and most of them have rich international teaching experience.

9. Does Shanghai Concord offer the EAL (English as Additional Language) course?

We offer IGCSE EAL and ESB (English Speaking Board) courses. High School students also take the IELTS course to prepare for the exam (IELTS scores are required for overseas applications.).

10. How do A-Level students prepare for university applications?

Working closely with Concord College UK, we can draw on the wealth of their experience and expertise in the preparation for university entrance examinations and interviews. Visiting speakers from the college will guide our programme, and students will also have the opportunity to participate in the summer school programmes where the focus is exclusively on the preparation for specific university courses in such key areas as law, medicine and engineering.

11. How does Shanghai Concord help my child adapt to the school life quickly?

We has a team building course for our students on their first day of school, and students spend the day with the tutors and their classmates. The tutors supervise the students' academic progress and personal growth, fully responsible for the students' physical and mental health development. On the first day of school, the tutors introduce the daily schedule to the students, distribute the timetable to them, and establish a good relationship with them. Through a series of games and interactive activities, the tutors create a harmonious atmosphere, cultivate the friendship among students and help them get through the transition period. Thereafter, the tutors meet and interact with the students during the tutor time every morning.