As a school aspiring to achieve academic excellence, we are proud to officially introduce our scholarship programme. We offer five scholarship opportunities to High School students each year, with three half scholarships and two full scholarships. Full scholarships are based on family financial need and half scholarships are solely based on merit. Both scholarships will only be awarded to high academic achievers with a good moral character and a strong sense of responsibility, who respect the teachers and are willing to contribute to the wider life of the school, as well as the society. The scholarships are reviewed annually and students must perform strongly in their end of year assessments and consistently maintain their position to continue to receive sponsorship. If they do so then the sponsorship will continue for the three years of High School education and is financed by the SCBS Academic Foundation.


If the student scores 95% or above on our maths HS entrance paper and 85% or above on our English paper, and also performs well during the interview, then they are eligible to apply for the first year, Grade 10, SCBS HS scholarship. 

Full details of Scholarship application are available on request from the Admissions Office.