More than 80% of SCBS High School graduating students in the year 2020 who applied for UK universities have received conditional offers from the country's top 10 universities, and more than 60% have received conditional offers from the country's top 5 universities. 

In order to further improve the school's academic development this year, we are delighted to announce SCBS Scholarship Programme for students who have truly exceptional academic potential. Candidates for scholarship must have good moral character and a strong sense of responsibility. Successful candidates will demonstrate respect for teachers and be willing to contribute to the wider life of the school, as well as society. In the High School, we are proud to offer some scholarships covering 50% and even 100% of tuition fees for the most outstanding applicants.

A scholarship award recognises and rewards the aspirations of a capable student, providing financial support and motivation. We work with scholars to help them achieve their dreams through our scholarship programme. In return, each scholar sets a sparkling example of stellar success to others in the SCBS community, shining brightly for SCBS.

How to Apply

The Scholarship Programme is introduced to candidates who will enter Grade 10, 11 and 12 in the academic year starting August 2020.

Each candidate needs to submit a handwritten bilingual personal statement outlining the reasons why he or she would become a good SCBS scholar. The scanned copy of the personal statement together with previous school reports should be sent to Admission Office E-mail. 

Application deadline: 31st July, 2020

Full details of Scholarship application are available on request from Enquiries E-mail.