About US

Shanghai Concord, established in 2017, is the first bilingual private school in the Huangpu District from Grade 1 to Grade 12. The school enjoys the full support of the Party Committee and the Huangpu District Government and adheres to the educational policies stipulated by the Huangpu District Education Bureau. The Middle School curriculum is composed of the compulsory Chinese curriculum and bilingual curriculum.  We enroll G6 students every year in Shanghai. 


The school’s core values are “Harmony, Trust and Decency”. While providing students with first-class academic education, we are also committed to creating a safe, modern and friendly environment, cultivating students' honesty, friendliness, self-confidence and self-discipline, encouraging them to innovate and practice, and helping them prepare for future challenges. 


We have a House system. After entering the school, students will be assigned to four different Houses named after four great persons: Gandhi, Mandela, Teresa and Tu Youyou, whose conduct exemplifies the culture and ethos that we at Shanghai Concord feel is so important and who in their lives demonstrated our core values of “Harmony, Trust and Decency”. 

Houses hold various competitions regularly. We award students and Houses having outstanding performance with House points, which help cultivate students' good habits, discipline, as well as their sense of teamwork and cooperation.


Each tutor group (class) is equipped with two tutors. The daily tutor  time is from 8:15 AM to 8:35 AM, during which the tutors learn the PSHE (personal, social and health education) course together with their students and organise related educational activities. If a student needs support, he/she can always ask his/her tutor for help; if a student has problems with his/her academic performance or behaviour, the tutors will also give guidance to him/her. 

In a semester, a tutor has at least one formal communication with each student and a formal meeting with the parents, and a comprehensive assessment on the academic report.



We give timely and public rewards to the students who have outstanding performance and reflect our core values “Harmony, Trust and Decency” and to the individuals and the teams that have won awards in various competitions on campus.


We have a series of rules and regulations aimed at protecting students individually and collectively, and ensuring fair and just treatment of each student.


School bullying, theft, cheating in exams and carrying dangerous goods are the bottom line of the school. Students who violate the rules will receive different disciplines and even get expelled.

Daily Code of Conduct

There are standards for various behaviours of students in the school, such as dress code, civilised etiquette, class break and lunch break, interpersonal relationship, public property protection, mobile phone use, etc., in order to develop good habits of our students. If there is any violation, the student will be subject to discipline, such as staying at school for self-examination at noon or after school, and receiving an assessment for each class until he/she makes corrections. 

Academic System

The system is established for academic issues such as classroom learning, assignments, use of English, and guidance, so as to promote students’ independent academic learning, encourage them to always dedicate themselves to their studies, and seek the help of teachers in case of problems. Any violation will lead to discipline from the subject teacher.


We maintain communications with parents collectively and individually through various forms to create a harmonious atmosphere and mechanism for parent-school education.


It generally refers to the parent committee. We hold a parent ambassador meeting every quarter. The parent ambassadors collect common questions and suggestions from parents in advance and submit them to the school. We will make positive response and try our best to solve the problems.


Every semester, we hold an education sharing meeting for all the parents, and provide guidance in course introduction, learning methods, and parent-child communications.


We organise a parent teacher meeting and a parent tutor meeting every semester, during which our teachers can give feedback on students' academic and behavioral performance at school and offer improvement suggestions, which is greatly welcomed and praised by parents.


The individual two-way communication between parents and the school is conducted mainly by mail and phone. If there is any problem between the school and parents, such direct and efficient modes of communication as sending mails to the school office or making an appointment for meeting with teachers/parents will be adopted to minimise any unnecessary contradiction arising from adverse communication between parents and teachers, and spread of negative emotion. 

Our Principal sends a letter to all the parents every week and a parent newsletter at the end of each month to maintain positive communications with parents.


We currently post the school’s latest activity information on the school WeChat every school day.


We have set up a health & safety committee to pay close attention to and ensure the safety and health of all the students and staff on campus, mainly including:

- Mental health education and crisis intervention
- Campus safety and escape drill
- Emergency response to sudden injury accidents
- Dining hall food safety and drinking water safety
- Quarantine, prevention and control of infectious diseases
- Early warning of potential safety hazards 


We offer psychological courses for Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 6 and Grade 7 students, and also provide one-on-one counseling for students in need.