School Bus


The completion for school bus registration happens during June of each school year. The school will arrange the school bus routes based on all applications received. The bus routes will be sent to the local government for approval, once the school has obtained the confirmation from parents. Requests of rearranging school bus routes may not be considered during the course of the school year.  


The buses are on very tight schedules. Students should be on time and be at the bus stop at least FIVE minutes before the scheduled pick up time. The bus monitor has no responsibility to call late students, and school buses are not obliged to wait for late students. 


Primary school buses leave at 3:50 pm, and Middle School and High School school buses leave at 4:35 pm on regular school days. They will not wait for any late students. Middle School and High School students go directly to school buses and are to remain seated. Primary School pupils will be picked up by bus monitors from an assigned area.
Primary School parents/guardian/home ayi are asked to wait for the pupil(s) at the bus stop FIVE minutes before the scheduled drop off time. Any pupil not met at the bus stop will be kept on the school bus until we reach the designated responsible adult. In the meanwhile the school bus will continue to the next stop. That pupil will be dropped off after the route is completed, if we are able to reach the responsible adult, otherwise the pupil will be brought back to campus for the parents/guardian to pick up. 
Only exit the bus at your assigned bus stop. The driver and monitor are not allowed to allow students off at another stop, without written permission from a parent / guardian or notification from the school.


Front seats are reserved for youngest pupils/students, while older pupil/students sit in the rear. If requested, older siblings can sit together with younger siblings.


Parents have the responsibility to inform the school for any address changing or contact number changing via email at MORE THAN THREE working days’ notice is required.  
Any request for rearranging a school bus route may not be considered after school starts. New bus riders may need to meet the school bus at the nearest bus stop.


The school bus fee varies with distance. 

0-5KM (inclusive) 10,000RMB per semester

5KM – 10KM (inclusive) 11,000RMB per semester
Over 10KM 12,000RMB per semester
The bus fee for a one-way journey is 70% of the semester fee. 


One semester school bus fee is calculated as for 5 months. 
Any cancelation request needs to be submitted to the Operation Department.
The refund would be the remaining months’ bus fee, excluding the month(s) that your child(ren) has/have taken the school bus. 


The school will arrange for a substitute transportation, if the school bus is out of service. Parents will be advised of subsequent transport arrangements. The relevant administrators and tutors will be informed of the delay.
The Operation Department informs parents/guardians immediately, using home/cell phone or other emergency contact. Parents are required to bring their cell phones to the bus stops. If a parent cannot be contacted, the Operations Office will try to contact another parent to pass on the message.
If the parents choose to send their children with personal transportation, the bus coordinator must be informed before the bus arrives for the pick-up.


Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital, Shanghai JiaoTong University School of Medicine
Tel: 021-3112 7120; 021-6313 8341  
Add: No. 639, Zhi Zao Ju Road, Huangpu District  
Shanghai Children’s Medical Centre (Children under 14 years old)
Tel: 021-3862 6161
Add: No. 1678, Dong Fang Road, Emergency Room 


Parents/Guardians or other adults are NOT allowed to take school bus.
Every individual school bus route will be monitored and recorded with the related government department. Any request of changing a bus stop temporarily by parents / guardians / responsible adults will NOT be considered.
The pick-up and drop-off spots are examined and verified by the related government. There is no guarantee that parents can pick a specific pick-up or drop-off spot. 


Eating or drinking are strictly prohibited on the school bus.
Seatbelts must be fastened at all times, whilst on the bus and must remain so for the duration of the trip. Standing up whilst the bus is in motion is strictly prohibited. 
Always keep any part of the body and belongings inside the bus. 
Pets or dangerous objects are not allowed on the bus.
Any Pupil/student responsible for any damage/defacing of personal or bus property, will be required to pay for damages and will face disciplinary action at school level. Unkind language and inappropriate behavior such as standing, shouting, teasing, throwing things will not be tolerated.
 Be respectful to the bus driver and bus monitor, listen carefully to their     instructions. 


First Offence: Written warning using bus discipline form. Copy of the form to the division office for record. Parents notified by the division office.
Second Offence: Written warning using bus discipline form. Copy of the form to the division office and pupil/student to see the Principal. Note sent home and phone call to parents of notifying the next issue will result in one-week suspension from the bus.
Third Offence: Written warning using bus discipline form. Copy of the form to the division office, pupil/student to see the Principal and receives one-week suspension from the bus. Note sent home and phone call to parents of notifying the next issue will result in expulsion from the bus for the remainder of the semester. 
Forth offence: Written warning using bus discipline form. Copy of the form to the division office and pupil/student to see the Principal. Pupil/student expelled from the bus for the remainder of the semester with NO refund.