Chinese Head of Primary and International Head of Primary are jointly responsible for the management of the Primary School and report to the Executive Principal on their work. The management team also includes head of Chinese curriculum, English curriculum coordinator and assistants to principals. In addition, the school's administration team provides quality services. 

The teachers we recruit are those who can cultivate various abilities in our children and add rigour to our teaching. Each of them has an excellent international teaching background, a required teaching qualification and rich teaching experience. 

Our expatriate teachers come from the UK and also from around the world.  They not only teach English courses, but also serve as tutors to manage the daily life of students, bringing students a pure English learning experience. Our outstanding Chinese teachers come from Shanghai's famous public or private schools or are excellent graduates. They not only have a solid foundation in subject teaching, but also have excellent English communication and expression skills.

Our Chinese and expatriate teachers work together to prepare lessons, learn from each other and communicate with each other. This is designed to cultivate globally competitive pupils, who are capable of facing the challenges of the future. 


  • Ms. Janet Cai Chinese Head of Primary
  • Mr. Dean Sloan Primary Curriculum Coordinatior and Classroom Teacher
  • Ms. Natasha Steyn Head of Grade 1 / Primary Classroom Teacher
  • Ms. Megan Cooke Head of Grade 2 / Primary  Classroom Teacher 
  • Mr. Samuel Forrest Primary Classroom Teacher
  • Mr. Daniel George Primary Classroom Teacher
  • Ms. Amy McCarthy Primary Classroom Teacher
  • Ms. Effie Mao Primary Mandarin Teacher
  • Ms. Shao Yiwen Primary Mandarin Teacher
  • Ms. Zoe Gong Primary Mandarin Teacher
  • Mr. Aaron Zhang Primary Mandarin Teacher
  • Ms. Queenie Jiang Primary English Teacher
  • Ms. Tracy Xiao Primary English Teacher
  • Ms. Joey Zhou Primary Mathematics Teacher
  • Ms. Grace Qian Primary Mathematics Teacher
  • Ms. Phoebe Ma Primary Art Teacher
  • Ms. Erin Man Primary PE Teacher
  • Ms. Don Qian Computer Science Teacher
  • Ms. Mia Lu Assistant of Head of Primary
  • Ms. Amy Zhou Primary School Nurse
  • Ms. Lexi Shi Primary Science Teacher / Teaching Assistant
  • Ms. Jing Guo Primary Teaching Assistant
  • Ms. Jojo Guo Primary Teaching Assistant
  • Ms. Charlotte Wang Primary Teaching Assistant